Obvious games I don’t want to see in Ludum Dare 24

The final theme for LD48 has not yet been decided, but I thought I would take some advice from a Ludum Dare winner:

“Throw out your first idea. Unless you’re a mad genius, your first idea for the theme is going to be the same damn idea everybody else thought up. Toss it, it sucks.” – Chevy Ray

So I went through a bunch of the top themes and pooped out the first thing that came into my head. I really don’t want to see any of these obvious ideas made into games, unless you put a insanely good twist on it.

  • Abandoned – Depressing game that is a metaphor for how alone we all are in the world.
  • Survive – Running away from zombies.
  • Curiosity – Some sort of “don’t press the button” situation.
  • Afterlife – You are a ghost who lives in a house, and you have to discover how you died.
  • Tunnels – Train simulator.
  • Creation and Destruction – Two player Angry Birds.
  • Castles – Two player Angry Birds.
  • Companion – 2d platformer where you have a little floating friend who gives you your power, and shows you what to do.
  • Don’t Go Outside – Because there is a flesh eating hoard of zombies.
  • Secret World – Crappy platformer that has a dark and scary theme.

Feel free to comment on any other “obvious” games from any of the themes above, or from any theme I missed.

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