LD 24 theme voting game ideas

As I anxiously await the start of Ludum Dare #24, I find my brain firing off in all directions with game ideas, art styles, programming techniques, and mechanics etc. So thought I would give my brain something to do, and jot down some game ideas based some of the interesting themes from each voting round.

Round 1:

All the themes I voted on this round seem related: Dim LightsGhostsNightSurvive, and Trapped in Another World.

Light the maze

Place a limited number of lights throughout a maze to light the way. You must light the entire path continuously from the start to the end. You could be a player running around the maze with a small lantern, placing torches on the walls. You can pick the torches up again if you like. Maybe you are lighting the maze for someone else to get through, who will start walking after a time limit. If they walk through the dark, they might get lost and attacked by ghosts.

Round 2:

AbstractCompanionCreation and Destruction, Secret World, Self Destruction, and Symmetry.

Split identity

Start by controlling a character through a level, then when you get to a point, the screen splits into two. Now you control both characters, but with exactly the same controls, but each is in a different level. It could then split into four and maybe more. You would have to get all characters to the ends of there levels.

Round 3:

Antique, Colony, Confined, Explosion, and Parallel Worlds.


You pilot a steampunk helicopter that must use a dangling rope to hookup parts to assemble something. You can then equip the thing you just built, and use its ability.


You can phase between two different worlds that share similar structures of the level. Enemies can only exist in one of the worlds. Your gun teleports them into the other world. You must solve puzzles in both worlds, so make sure you don’t teleport too many enemies to either of the worlds. The gun could actually just stun the enemy, but also make a copy of it in the other world, so the more you use the gun, the more enemies that will be waiting for you in the other world.

Round 4

Break the Rules, HopelessInevitability, Plague, and Wilderness.

Possum control

There is a virus outbreak in the possum population, that can also spread to humans. Use any means necessary to wipe out all the possums. The most effective way is to dump 1080 poison in the bush, but after the backlash of using it in the wild, it is in short supply. You must also balance other methods, such as controlled bush fires, hunting squads, traps, and releasing predators. You goal is to destroy every last possum, without causing too much damage to the environment.

I will continue updating this post as more voting rounds happen.

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