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Thinking about moving my website away from Flash

I am still quite proud of my personal portfolio website, but for a while now I have had a niggling feeling that I should redo it with “standards” based tech. I think the website still works at what I built it for, as a showcase of my design and development work. When I built it, back in 2009, I was calling myself a Flash developer, so building my website in Flash was the perfect choice. But things have definitely changed even since then.

For the past few years I have been thinking more and more of myself and my skills as wider than just one platform. My best skills are not necessarily in Flash, but in the development of digital media. Whether that be websites, desktop software, mobile, or games. It doesn’t matter what tools I am using, it’s about creating cool or interesting stuff that works.

I say I want to “redo” my site, because I think the concept still works, it’s just the technology I am worried about. Also I want to push my HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills to create something “flash-like”. Sure it would be a good opportunity to re-invent the site, but to be honest, it is working for me, so why fix what ain’t broke.

Flash is definitely like an old friend to me, so it is sad that I am thinking this way. It does make me wonder though, if I am thinking this way, and I am a fan of Flash, then what are others thinking. I strongly believe you should pick the right tools for the job, and now it seems the time of Flash being the right tool for my personal portfolio website has passed.

So expect to see updates on my progress as I learn a few things, and curse myself for ever attempting this.