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The first post in a new blog seems like a strange thing. Odds are that if anyone even reads this, it will be well after I click publish. But I guess I have to start somewhere, or else it will carry on being one of the many things that I “plan to do one day”. I am kinda just doing this for myself anyway, as a brain dump, or as an excuse to look deeper into something I am interested in.

I know there are already a bunch of amazing people out there blogging about the same sort of topics I am interested in, but I will hopefully be offering my perspective and insight, and post about things relating to my professional/creative life. That could be anything from things I’m working on at my job, my personal time, or even things I come across that inspire or interest me.

I also have a bunch work and experiments, scattered around the interwebs, so though this shiny new blog would be the perfect place to collect all of that stuff together to show anyone who is interested, and keep people updated on new stuff I’m doing.

I Hope you enjoy reading my blog. Feel free to comment on anything, or contact me, and I will try my hardest to post regularly, and not post too much about my cat.