Planning for Ludum Dare 24

Just decided today that I am having another go at this weekend’s Ludum Dare. I really need to redeem myself after my last miserable attempt. I am still not aiming for greatness, but will be happy if I just get something playable. If it is fun, then that would be an amazing bonus.

I think I had quite a good concept last time, but just didn’t plan my weekend. I had too many other things on, and did not get into any serious coding. I hope this time I can get inspired by the theme, as I want to spend a fair bit of time at the start just circling ideas around, and letting good ideas bubble to the top. I really have to keep it simple to have any chance of finishing, so I need to eliminate anything that might not add to the game. I am really going for “biggest bank for my buck”.

I am hoping to use this week to prepare, and do a bit of practice before the starting gun on Saturday 1pm (NZ time). I don’t think I will go as far as making a warm-up game, but I will definitely be getting my basics down, and might even have a go at some libraries that might help me out.

I am going to try and enter this from a fresh start, with no preconceived game ideas. I am gonna try and let the theme speak to me. Lets see how that works out :)

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